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TSR Potential Judges Training Scheme

This is an ideal programme for anyone thinking about becoming a Judge, you can be inexperienced or already on a panel and wish to prepare for further Assessments. The programme is for everyone at any level from the age of 14 years & over.

The Programme will assist you to gain experience without any pressure:

  • Introduction to Judges willing to mentor trainees
  • Stewarding Opportunities
  • Approved Training Days
  • Assess your progress using the TSR Scoring System
  • Judges Assessment Preparation
  • Digital Information Packs on Judging & Stewarding

How does it work?


Fill in the Registration Form and return by email or post, you will be given a Trainee Judge Registration number. You only have to register once, you can stay on the programme for as long as you wish. Registration is FREE for TSR Members and £20 for Non Members.

Trainees will receive assistance as follows:

  • Introductions to Judges’ who are willing to mentor Trainee Judges
  • Introduction to Shows willing to accept Trainee Stewards & Judges
  • Training Days & Events
  • TSR Judges Mock Application Form to assess your progress
  • For existing panel Judges training for a new category opportunities to judge
  • Information packs on Judging & Stewarding (all information will be in a digital format not print)

Introductions to Senior Judge/ Mentor: TSR will supply a list of Mentors that would be happy for you to contact them for advice or stand in with them when judging. It is then up to you to contact the Judge and arrange with them when it might be possible to meet at a Show. It is your responsibility to make the arrangements and obtain approval from the Show. Trainee Judges will not be able to stand in on classes that are HOYS qualifiers.

How to Steward: TSR will provide a list of Shows, contact the show off the list and give them your contact details, Trainee Number and the day you can volunteer. It is vital that you do not let Shows down, make sure you can attend before offering your services.

Training Days: TSR with their partners will endeavour to hold events across the country. However this cannot always be in a convenient location for everyone so be prepared to travel and demonstrate your commitment to becoming a Judge. Booking details will be individual for each event.

Progression: TSR & their partners will provide the opportunities to gain experience, however, it is up to the Trainee how much they take part in the programme and progress. You can measure your progress/experience by using the TSR Scoring System that is applied to TSR Judges Application Forms. When you start the program fill in the Judges Mock Application form and email to the office and it will be scored. You can then fill it in after you have gained further experience to reassess your score.

Judging Opportunities: For Judges already on an existing panel there are opportunities to judge at TSR Shows & Regional Finals.

Accreditation: The programme is currently accredited by The Showing Register and the British Show Horse Association. The training will count towards your CV when you apply for TSR or BSHA Panel status.

Conduct & Etiquette: Trainee Judges will be bound by TSR Rules & Regulations including good conduct. Trainees should always conduct themselves in a polite and friendly manner and be dressed correctly as for judging. Trainee Judges MUST adhere to the following:

Confidentiality is vital as a Judge, Trainee Judges MUST NOT discuss any comments made or comment on any individual competitors when outside of the ring.

Trainee Judges should advise the senior judge if an exhibit comes under them that they have had a connection with, or they have a connection with a particular exhibitor. It will then be for the senior judge to determine whether they should stand down from that particular class

Trainee Judges will not be able to compete under a Judge they have been mentored by in the current year at any Show.

Trainee Judges will not be able to train and compete at the same Show

Trainee's must have their own public liability insurance.

Any trainee found to be bringing the program into disrepute in anyway will be removed from the programme.

Age: Trainees must be 14 years old as of the 1st January in the current year. Trainees between 14yrs & 17 yrs must be accompanied by an appropriate adult at all events.

Application Form

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