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The British Show Horse Association Board

Tim Wiggett - President

Tim came to the United Kingdom over forty five years ago to pursue an equestrian career. He was very fortunate in the early stages of his career to have been mentored by and worked with, the likes of the late Billette Mackie , Count Robert Orsich, Jack Gittins and Richard and Marjorie Ramsay. It was through Richard and Marjorie that his great passion for showing was created; his other interests were developed through teaching, competing and producing in eventing, dressage and showing which lead to him judging.

As a National and International Judge he has been fortunate to have judged at most of the National Shows here in the United Kingdom, including the Royal International Horse Show and the Horse of the Show, plus shows in the Channel Islands, and Ireland on numerous occasions. Overseas appointments include many trips to Australia, South Africa and the Netherlands. Tim is currently a Judge on the panels of the British Show Horse Association, Sport Horse (GB), The Showing Register and the British Show Pony Society.

Over the past twenty-five years Tim has owned a small catering business, which he is shortly due to retire from. Tim is looking forward to devoting the additional time now available to him, to the Presidency of the BSHA and his many equestrian interests.

Areas of responsibility: President; Member of Judges Committee.

Nigel Hollings - Chairman

Nigel has ridden and produced many Champions in the show ring from Ponies to Heavyweight Hunters including the Riding Horse of the Year “ Fair Breeze”, (also HOYS Supreme Showing Champion) and Hack of the Year “Royal Angel “ plus numerous other HOYS Pony Champions. His tally to date of Ponies /Horses which he has either ridden , bred or produced is HOYS - 26 winners and RIHS - over 35 winners.

Nigel enjoys judging both Nationally and Internationally and is on the judging panels of nine different horse and pony societies . In addition to officiating at the HOYS and RIHS on several occasions judging appointments have taken him around the world including top shows in Australia ,South Africa and Ireland.

He has been a BSPS Council Member for thirty one years and is currently an Executive Member of the Council. In addition to being a former Chairman of the BSHA, Nigel is also a Council Member and Disciplinary Chairman of CHAPS and former SHB (GB) Council Member. “I felt very honoured and privileged to have been appointed the Association’s first Northern Chairman and will continue to work hard for all the Members. These are very exciting times for the Association and under the guidance of the current, highly experienced Board, the BSHA will continue to grow and provide many new innovations for its membership”.

Areas of responsibility:  Chairman

Sarah Carey

Sarah shows Hacks, Riding Horses and Youngstock. Sarah organises the BSHA Northern Fundraising Luncheon and as an Amateur/Home producer herself, is committed to the Amateur Membership and keen to involve the younger Members within the Society.

Sarah takes responsibility for all the Associations’ trophies at the Championships and AGM.

"I am committed to furthering the showing of youngstock under the Associations’ rules and look forward to nurturing a greater awareness and participation in that area for our Members" .

Areas of responsibility: Press Officer; BSHA Northern Spring Show (Director); In-Hand Chairman; BSHA Trophies

Ian Darcy

Ian has spent ten years on the Board and has been involved in showing since his daughter’s first pony, some 35 years ago.

He has been trying to find a balance between his business career and showing throughout that time and has found that he is now doing it all over again with his two Grandsons Callam and Sam.

Although his ten years on the Board have passed quickly, Ian says:

“I am entering my final year as Chairman of BSHA,I would like to encourage any Member who like myself may not at first realise their skills but could further enhance this wonderful Association and consider becoming a Board Member. Without the work of a diverse group of Directors, we couldn't exist. When in business I always took a great interest in people, employees, clients and suppliers alike. This will always be my main focus and I will  continue to encourage close relationships with our counterparts within the showing world; always remembering enjoyment is the aim".  

Areas of responsibility:

Danielle Heath

Danielle has been involved in showing since the age of nine, competing firstly in WHP's then moving on to flat classes in later years, which included Hacks, Cobs, Riding Horses and Hunters, which then led her into production and judging (SHB/BSHA) which she has been involved in for the last twenty years.

"I've very much enjoyed being involved with the Association as a Judge and competitor/producer and feel that I can bring a different view and new ideas to the Board, which I hope will help towards the Association in going from strength to strength.

I live in Cheshire and I’m very lucky to have my father's yard where I'm based. In my spare time I enjoy interior design which lends a huge part to my horsebox designing, which I do in my spare time when I'm not sat on a horse. I also love to travel and look forward to my winter holiday every year.

I'm hugely looking forward to being a part of the Board and feel it's such an honour to work alongside some very highly respected and knowledgeable people".

Areas of responsibility:  Professional Members Liaison Officer

David Ingle

David spent his formative years in North Lincolnshire and moved to Northamptonshire when appointed Manager of Weatherbys Chase (now The Point-to-Point Company).

Responsible for large modernisation and efficiency changes to the sport of Point-to-Pointing, in overhauling the company that crucially serviced the sport in key areas such as data compilation, publishing, information portals and websites, before it was sold to the sport itself; David is now an Interim Change Manager for which he is best regarded for his transparency, accessibility, and integrity.

Formerly a successful Point-to-Point and Amateur Rider, David was also an accomplished Racehorse Trainer (both Amateur and Professional) and breeder, with close associations to the competition world; finding several BYEH Champions is a particular source of pride. Also on the Judging Panel of SHB (GB), David has judged internationally as well as domestically with HOYS, RIHS, Dublin, Burghley, Australia, Holland and South Africa amongst his list of previous appointments.

“I still love the judging, it’s a total honour to do it. I want to cut back but I struggle to say no! I have thoroughly enjoyed working so closely with the office and slowly making improvements both on efficiency and accessibility; it is exciting and we have lots of new things to come which will really benefit the Members going forward.” “Working with Sue Rawding, as Deputy of Judges, has been a particular source of pleasure; bringing in open feedback on the Assessment Day has been a real step forward as has the re-introduction of the BSHA Judges’ Conference. The Conformation Training Workshops, introduced in 2012, will hopefully grow and assist young Judges and Probationers in their development; so all-in-all things are good.”  

Areas of responsibility: The Showing Council Rep (Chairman); Chair of BSHA Judges Committee.

John Keen

John is a true Amateur having always produced and ridden from home; he qualified three horses for the Foxhunter final and competed in the Leading show jumper and King George Cup and the European Eventing Championships.

John was the co-organiser of the Lonsdale and Fulmer shows, instigated insurance for Judges and has organised Seminars and Assessment days at his home.

“I strongly feel that Judges should be accountable for their decisions and respected for their knowledge and achievements in the equestrian field. They should have the ability to judge horses rather than riders or producers to ensure preservation of true type and Members’ confidence. I am always happy to speak to Members, who are our Association but, must remind them that Board Members have only one vote on each issue”.

Areas of responsibility: Dope Testing Steward

Sue Phillips

Southern Vice-Chair

Sue is an Amateur Owner rider who says she is lucky enough to keep her horses at home on the farm and her horses are totally home produced. In her words: this means all my mistakes are my own, but I've had great fun making them.

I joined the BSHA 12 years ago when my husband bought, what will probably be, my cob of a life time, Goldburg. Through competing him I made a great many new friends and found I really enjoyed showing.

At a time when the Amateurs where not represented on the Board, I was encouraged to stand for election and have very much enjoyed my six years in office. I am the Coordinator with Grandstand Media for HOYS, Sponsorship organiser for the National Championship Show and HOYS and as past secretary am on organising committee of BSHA Spring Show and have instigated the Maxi cob class at the RIHS.

"If you have time to commit and want to have an input into the future of your Association, then why not bite the bullet like me and stand for election. It's really not that scary and you may, like me, enjoy it!".  

Area of Responsibility :  Southern Vice-Chair, Sponsorship; Coordinator with Grandstand Media; Amateur Members Liaison Officer

Julian Quiney

Julian has been involved with horses all his life; from leaving school he worked in the racing industry for David Nicholson and Captain Radcliffe. He was first introduced into showing whilst working for Brian Burt, of the Kingvean Stud, before moving to work for Richard and Diane North, which is where he met his wife Sam. For the last 20 years they have produced Horses and Ponies to County level together.

"As a Producer, I am at nearly every Show and would like the Members to feel they could approach me with any concerns and ideas they may have. One of my aims is to encourage the younger competitors in the British Show Horse Association".

Area of Responsibility:  In-Hand Vice-Chairman

Sue Rawding

Sue has been on the Judges Panel for over 28 years and during that time has judged at all the major shows, including Royal International, Royal Windsor and Horse of the Year Show.

With husband John, she produced many winning horses, Hunters (In-Hand and Ridden), Cobs and Riding Horses. Many of these horses were homebred at their former stud, Church Farm.

"I have been a Board Member of the BSHA for over thirteen years and during that time I have always strived to maintain complete impartiality and transparency in all my dealings for the Association. During my time as a Board Member my attendance at meetings has been extremely high. In recent years it has been my responsibility to organise the Assessment Day for potential new Judges for the Association, together with their follow-up procedure".

Area of Responsibility: Member of Judges Committee.

Lucy Savill

I have been passionate about showing for nearly twenty years now, oh dear, that’s showing my age a bit!  Stumbling into my first evening performance at the BSHA National Championships when it was held at Towerlands, watching, who I now know to be Stella Harries on a large black horse, which took my breath away and I was hooked.

Back then for me it was a thrill to qualify for the Classic Supreme or anything at Ponies UK or BSPS; it meant having a weekend away with friends and family and having a good time.  I am hoping my appointment onto the Board will start to bring some of this back for the Members.

My hobby is mainly National Hunt Racing and I have owned a few winning Point to Point and Hunter Chasers, giving me great days out and so I love to go to Ireland for racing and Cheltenham for the Festival.

I am a Panel Judge for CHAPS and have had the privilege of judging at some lovely County Shows, then two years ago I took over the running of the CHAPS South East Regional Show.

I so enjoy dealing with Competitors, Owners, Judges and our fabulous Stewards and seeing Members faces when they win their ticket to HOYS; I hope running a successful show will be beneficial to both this Membership and the Association.

I wish to serve the Association well, ensuring the entire Membership feels integrated and included.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, I will try and do whatever I can do to help.

Areas of responsibility: Company Secretary; BSHA Southern Spring Show (Show Director); National Championship Show ( Asst. Show Director); Dope Testing Steward.

Simon Somers

Simon has served the Board as it’s representative at the JMB for a number of years. Simon is a Judge on many other panels, having officiated throughout the country and abroad; he enjoys instructing and helping young riders.

Simon also works as a BHS City & Guilds Assessor and Stewards at the Horse of the Year Show. 

Area of Responsibility: BSHA National Championship Show (Director)

Nick Thompson

Nick has lived all his life in Staffordshire, where he was introduced in to the world of showing some 30 years ago. Nick went to Endon Riding School to learn how to ride and since then he has been involved with all aspects of showing from lead rein ponies to horses.

Nick has been in the past on the BSPS Council as the National Chairman representing the Area Chairmans', before being a director of the British Show Horse Association and has been involved with the BSHA National Championship Show for the last 20 years.

He has also been involved with the BSPS Championships as Assistant Director and committee member of Midland County Show.  

Areas of responsibility: Northern Vice-Chair; JMB Representative; Dope Testing Steward.

Lilli Twitchett - Treasurer

Lilli started to compete within BSPS classes when she was young and has enjoyed many years of successful partnerships, culminating in her win at the Horse ofthe Year Show on her Intermediate Show Hunter, Eagle Moor in 2007.

Together with her Mother, Lilli has now turned to breeding from two of their mares and have produced some beautiful youngstock.Now concentrating on Hacks and Riding Horses, Lilli is looking forward to competing with her homebred horses within the BSHA.

Lilli read Economics at Loughbrough University before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 2010. Lilli currently works at a firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors in Lancashire.

“I am looking forward to getting involved with the Society and using my professional training to help the Society to move forward”.