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22 April 2013

The BSHA iPura Ladies Show Horse Championship

In the last 20 years, side saddle riding has been on the increase generally but shows have seen a drop in the number of ladies entering the BSHA Ladies Show Horse class with the result that this year, only Windsor and South of England continue to hold a Ladies class, with the BSHA Southern Spring Show also holding one this ...

18 April 2013

Liver Fluke

My mare became ill last October; the symptoms were diahorrea and loss of appetite. My vet took a blood sample and found her white blood cell count to be abnormal and her Gamma -GT liver enzymes were raised. She was put onto a no-protein diet and a course of antibiotics. However whilst she regained her appetite her blood test showed ...

20 March 2013

New Championship for Ladies Side Saddle Class

Preliminary announcement of a valuable New Championship at the BSHA National Championship Show for the Ladies Side Saddle class, with a 1st Prize £200! The 1st – 4th placed in the BSHA Ladies Class at The Royal Windsor Horse Show and at the South of England Show, currently the only shows holding a BSHA Ladies Class, will qualify. Entries for Windsor close ...