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Membership and How to Join

There are three main ways to join the BSHA:

Option 1 - New Members

Use the  'Join Online' area to the right, click on the button at the bottom and simply complete the easy to follow Application Form through to the Checkout where you can make your payment.

Option 2 - New & Previous Members

Use the Membership Forms from the 'Download Membership Forms' area below. Print the required form, complete and send to the BSHA Office together with your payment or, once posted, ring the office on 01462 437770 to make a card payment.  

Option 3 - Previous Members Only

Use the Members' Potal; please see the section below on "How to Re-Join". 

If you experience any problems, please contact the office at:

  01462 437770

and we will do our best to help you.

 Join the British Show Horse Association

To join the British Show Horse Association online, just click the buttons below and follow the easy to complete forms.

At the same time as joining, you can also complete your Horse Registration and Day Ticket requirements (except Hunters).

BSHA Membership

Horse Registration

Day Ticket Applications

How to Re-Join

If you have previously been a member of the BSHA, then the quickest way to re-join is the Members Portal; simply click the button on the right, under the page picture to get started.

If you haven’t already done so, you will need to create your account, by clicking on the “Create an Account” button, to the left of your screen, and then follow the instructions; once created, you can login into your account to renew your Membership and Horse Registartions, order "Record" searches for your horse etc.

If you have a problem, click the “? HELP” button at the top of the screen, or otherwise contact the office on 01462 437770.

BSHA Fees 2022

Membership TypeFee £
Adult: Full Membership including In-Hand, full voting rights (please select your current status: ie Owner/Show Horse Producer)£50.00
Young Rider: Aged 15-18 inclusive, age at the time of application£40.00
Hunter Only: 15 years old and over, no voting rights£30.00
Working Show Horse: For Working Show Horse classes only, no voting rights£25.00
Life Membership: Not available to companies, full voting rights£500.00
Company: This includes the Company's registered address and one named representative£80.00
Family MembershipFee £
1st Family Member: Adult only£50.00
2nd Family Member: Adult or Young Member (15-18)£40.00 or £35.00
3rd or 4th Family Member: Young Member only (15-18)£35.00
Judges MembershipFees £
Judges Membership: Full voting rights£50.00
Judges Membership: No voting rights£35.00
In-Hand MembershipFee £
In-Hand Membership: Non-Members, unlimited registration of In-Hand horses£30.00
In-Hand Membership: Current Full Members, unlimited registration of In-Hand horses£15.00
Fast TrackFee £
Fast Track Membership: Any of the above Memberships+ £35.00
Hack, Cob & Riding Horse RegistrationFee £
Hack, Cob & Riding Horse: Non-qualifying - no JMB Height Certificate required£35.00
Hack, Cob & Riding Horse: Working Show Horse classes only - no JMB Height Certificate required£25.00
Hack, Cob & Riding Horse: RIHS - JMB Height Certificate required if applicable£35.00
Hack, Cob & Riding Horse: HOYS - JMB Height Certificate required if applicable£50.00
In-HandFee £
In-Hand: Hacks, Cobs & Riding Horses only£0.00
HunterFee £
Ridden Hunter: HOYS qualifying classes only - all types£30.00
Fast TrackFee £
Fast Track Registrations: Any of the above registrations+ £35.00

BSHA Forms

Please click on the following links to download the Forms:

  Membership Form 2022

  Horse Registration Form 2022


Non-Members may purchase up to a maximum of 2 Day Tickets per Exhibitor, per Horse, per season. A Day Ticket will allow entry into Novice, Amateur, Young Rider, Home Produced, Working and Open Affiliated classes and you can enter as many of these that are available on the day of your Ticket.

Horses registered on a Day Ticket do not require a JMB Height Certificate. Print off the form (see below), complete and send to the BSHA office together with your payment or simply click Day Ticket Application Form 2022 oto apply online.

Day Tickets cannot be used for RIHS or HOYS qualifying classes.

  Day Ticket Application Form 2022

Important Reminder for those wishing to qualify for HOYS

This only applies to Hacks, Cobs, Maxi Cobs and Riding Horses

For those wishing to qualify for Horse of the Year Show, you must have paid the £15 HOYS levy fee BEFORE entering a qualifying class but please note, this is a one-off fee for the entire season; applies to Hacks, Cobs, Maxi Cobs & Riding Horses only.

To confirm that you have paid, please check your Horse Registration document; on the top right corner inside, if you have paid, it will say "HOYS Reg Fee Paid".

You CANNOT pay retrospectively.