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BSHA Complaints Procedure

Our commitment to you as a BSHA Member is to be treated fairly, equally and with courtesy.

You have the right to receive help and advice and we will ensure that all complaints will be dealt with seriously and treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Only complaints from current members are able to be discussed by the BSHA Board members through this system.

Complaints will be presented on an anonymous basis

How the Procedure works


We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint, this will be sent by the General Manager of the Association within 5 working days. 

Your complaint is raised with the Chairman of the BSHA by the General Manager.

The Chairman will make a decision based on the facts submitted and having made any follow up enquiries seen fit. The General Manager will then write to you with our findings. If you are not satisfied with the decision made you can request an escalation of your complaint to the Full Board for discussion. You will need to make this request within 14 days of receiving our findings.

The complaint will be raised at the next Board meeting. Further information can be requested at this stage. Following consideration of all relevant facts presented a decision will be taken. This decision is final and cannot be appealed.

Please complete the form opposite completing all fields and giving as much detail as possible to support your complaint.


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  • We are unable to process any submission without your current BSHA membership number.

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Should you have any supporting documents, images or video, please email them to us separately and quote Reference UID: 60938478 in your message (this number is unique to your submission)