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BSHA Rule Book 2019

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Updated 1st January 2019

BSHA Rule Book - Rule Changes for 2019

Rule Changes for 2019: - Amendments & Changes are bold and underlined

New Rules:

  4.(I)  You may be requested to attend a meeting in order to discuss anything captured within these Rules and the Judges Code of Conduct; this will be with the sole aim of 
              monitoring and maintaining standards, reputation and integrity.

  4.(J)  You may be contacted to seek clarification of classes judged or behaviours reported or exhibited.

  4.(K) While officiating at any BSHA Affiliated Show or Event, it is inappropriate to drink alcohol or be under the influence of any medication or substance which may affect
               judgment or conduct.


7.(A)(v)  A competitor is not eligible to compete in Amateur classes on an Exhibit, which has been ridden by a Professional Rider in any Open classes, BSHA or otherwise, with the exception of
              Open Working Show Horse and Side Saddle classes, during the current year and the following year, up to but not including the Royal International Horse Show. The above Rule does
              not apply, if the Horse has been Professionally Produced and only ridden by a Professional, during the current season, or if the horse has subsequently been sold and re-
              registered under new Ownership.

 7.(D)     Ladies Show Horse. Open to mares or geldings, 4 years old and over, exceeding 148cms, registered with the BSHA or SSA, suitable to carry a side saddle, to be ridden by a lady: this 
               does not apply to the HOYS Ladies Side Saddle qualifying classes.