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BSHA Rule Book 2021

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Updated 6th May 2021

BSHA Rule Book - Rule Changes for 2020 & 2021 (updated)

 The New Rulebook has 2021 amendments listed on the page that they appear

Rule 2 (H) Tack - amendment: The use of Swale bits is discouraged in all classes; it is not permitted in any Novice classes. (2020)

Rule 2 (V) 4-Year old Hunter: They must not gallop in the class and they should have a change of the rein. Winnings gained as a 4 year old are exempted unless that four year old has won an OPEN ridden class. A Novice may be shown in a snaffle bridle. (2021) 

Rule 2 (VII) Working Hunter: A mare, gelding or stallion (competing stallions must have a red, white and blue ribbon displayed in their tail or a stallion disc displayed) 4 years old and over exceeding 148cm (14.2hh approx) to be judged in accordance with the rules herein set out  (2021). Restricted Working Hunter: Not have qualified for RIHS or HOYS in the current year as a WORKING hunter (2021). Novice Working Hunter: Not to have won a first prize of £35 or more than a total of £250 (including any Championship prize money) in WORKING hunter class. Grade A Show-jumpers and Advanced Event horses are not eligible to compete in these classes. Any horse which has qualified as a Grade A Show Jumper or Advanced Event Horse as at 1st January in the current year is not eligible to compete in Working Hunter classes. (2021)

Rule 3 (A) Immediate Family: The following are classed as Immediate Family for the purpose of this Rule Book: (additions) God Parents & God Children (2021)
Rule 4 (E) (iii) A Judge must not knowingly judge any Rider or Horse, that has a direct business connection with them. Nor is in the employment of someone they also have a direct or business connection with in the current or previous season. This ruling excludes service fees for stallions and keep for mare whilst at stud. (2021)

Rule 4 (E) (v) Judges - New: If judging with a co-judge at a show, you may then not compete under that Judge for the duration of that show. (2020)

Rule 6 (E) Novice Status - amendment & new: Animals which have been placed in the top five at either the Royal International Horse Show or Horse of the Year Show in any OPEN ridden class, BSHA or otherwise, with the exception of the Search for a Star finals, are ineligible to compete in Novice Hack, Cob, Maxi Cob or Riding Horse classes. Horses competing in Novice classes must be ridden by the Judge, before being asked to “strip” for conformation. (2020)

Rule 10 (A) (iii) Disgraceful Conduct - amendment: Any Owner, Rider, Producer and/or Horse that is banned for any period of time as a result of any disciplinary action taken by the BSPS, CHAPS, NPS or SHB(GB), may not compete in BSHA Affiliated classes at the discretion of the BSHA Board. Any action taken by the BSHA against any Owner, Rider, Producer or Horse/Pony may be shared with BSPS, CHAPS, NPS or SHB(GB). (2020)

Rule 17: Equine Influenza Vaccinations: It is strongly recommended that all horses registered with the BSHA have Equine Influenza and Tetanus vaccinations. The requirement for the first 3 vaccinations is as follows: the first 2 vaccinations 21 – 92 days apart, a third booster between 150-215 days, and an annual booster vaccination within 365 days thereafter. No horse should enter competitions within 7 days of an EI vaccination. Foals should commence vaccinations at 6 months old. This Rule may be subject to change from guidance from the FEI/BEF and any changes will be notified via the Association’s website. The current FEI ruling is for a six monthly booster as opposed to annual; therefore it is recommended that you check with shows that fall under FEI regulation before entering e.g. Windsor, Hickstead, HOYS etc. (2020)