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Probationary Judges: Guidance and Assessment Procedures

The BSHA holds an Annual Assessment Day for potential new Judges who are welcome to apply to join the Panel; you will find details in the Guidance Notes below.

Due to the large number of Probationary Judges, currently going through the Probationary Process, the BSHA will not be holding an Assessment Day in 2019.

There are three levels to the Judging Panel; the Full Panel, a Ride Only Panel and a Probationary Panel.

The system is designed to encourage the training of Judges and to rigorously test them and ensure that they meet the criteria required by the Association.

If accepted onto the Panel, the BSHA offers support and encouragement to Judges. Other Societies recognise the stature of the Association's Assessment Procedures and many Judges also officiate on a number of other Panels.

Following the Judges Review of 2018, the Board would like to draw your attention to changes in policy. If you are regularly competing in BSHA Affiliated classes, a full or part time employee in a professional showing yard or a Producer, then the Board would prefer that you did not apply ay this time. It would be deemed more appropriate to apply when your commitments have reduced.

Sue Rawding is the Chair of the Judges committee and would be happy to discuss any concerns or questions in regard to an application. Sue's contact number is 01440 821414 or email at otherwise contact the office on 01462 437770

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Ride Only Judges

The Ride Only Panel was introduced sometime ago and has helped provide more Judges to support the Panel. These Judges are not able to judge Conformation Sections and as part of the Judges Review, introduced in 2012, the Ride Only Panel was re-structured with the aim to provide a clearer path for people to obtain Full Panel status.

Conformation Training Workshops were created as a result of the Review and these Days are specifically aimed at training and support; they are now open to all BSHA Members.

The Ride Only Judges Pathway information is available using the link below:

  Ride Only Judges Pathway