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New Judges for 2017

Ride & Conformation:                          Conformation Only:
(Hacks, Cobs & Riding Horses)         
(Hacks, Cobs & Riding Horses)
Mrs R Baker (Ride Only)                        Mrs S Curtis*
Miss S Boxall (Ride Only)                      Mr J Harforth*
Mr P Casey*                                           Mrs D Nicholson
Miss K Duxbury (Ride Only)                   
Mr K McGuinnes*                                   
Mr S Scallan (Ride Only)                        
Miss J Shaw                                           
Miss V Smith                                          
Mr J Sole (Ride Only)                              
Mr B Storey (Ride Only)                         
Miss J Tyldesley (Side Saddle Ride Only)
Mrs E Whalley*          

Ride & Conformation:                         Conformation Only:                  
(Hunters)                                              (Hunters)
Miss K Aird*                                           Mr J Harforth* 
Mr P Casey*

Current Rule Book

All new Rules and Amendments are published on the website as and when they occur and it is the responsibilty of all Panel Judges and Probationary Judges to ensure that they are familiar with the Rules of the British Show Horse Association, when officiating at Affiliated Shows. If you have any queries, in particular those regarding judging procedures, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Sue Rawding who is the Board Member responsible for the Judges Panel.

For a copy of the current Rule Book please click: BSHA Rule Book 2017

Judges Insurance – Important Reminder

The BSHA would like to remind all Judges that the Association’s Insurance Policy does NOT cover you whist judging under another Society’s Rules or at an Unaffiliated Show.  Please do check when you are asked to judge if the classes are Affiliated to the BSHA; if they are not Affiliated Classes you are not covered by the Association's Accident Insurance policy.

Probationary Judges for 2017

Ride & Conformation:                          Conformation Only:                  
(Hacks, Cobs & Riding Horses)          (Hacks, Cobs & Riding Horses)
Miss Becky Adlam                                  Mr S Ashton
Miss Nancy Graylen                               Mrs K Atkin-Bowdler
Miss Sarah Gwilliam                               Mr A Brooke
Miss Bryony Lovell-Williams                   Mr J Cutts
Mrs K Nicholson                                     Ms M Nimmo
Miss K Nicoll                                           Mrs Emma Wallace
Ms D Smith                             
Miss J Tyldesley

Ride & Conformation:                          Conformation Only:                  
(Hunters)                                               (Hunters)
Mrs K Nicholson                                     Mr S Ashton
Mr R Telford                                           Mrs K Atkin-Bowdler
                                                               Ms M Nimmo


Rule Changes for 2017

For a copy of Rule changes for the 2017 season, please click:

Rule Changes 2017