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Change of Judge Appointments 2017

Nottinghamshire County Show - 13th & 14th May

(Posted 17th March 2017)

RIHS Lwt & Hwt Cobs:

Ride: was Mr A Fradley             now Mr M Maher-Burns

Heathfield & District Agricultural Show: 27th May

(Posted 24th April 2017)

RIHS Cobs & Maxi Cobs:

Ride: was Mr L King                  now Miss M Hopkins

Warrington Horse Show: 29th May

(Posted 25th May 2017)

RIHS Hacks, Cobs, Maxi Cobs & Riding Horses

Ride: was Mr A Collins        now Miss K Duxbury
Conf: was Mr C Cooper      now Mrs X Barker-Wild

Lincolnshire Show: 21st & 22nd June

(Posted 15th May 2017)

HOYS Ridden Hunters:
Ride: was Mr D Machin              now Miss B Ensten

HOYS Small Hunters:
Ride: was Mr D Machin              now Mr D Bartram-Lawton

Royal Cheshire County Show: 20th & 21st June

(Posted 8th May 2017)

HOYS Working Hunters:
Conf: was Mr D Machin        now Mr S Hollings 

The Showing Register Gala Show: 15th & 16th July

(Posted 9th May 2017)

HOYS Small Hunters:

Conf: was Mrs A Varley       now Mrs J Cope

BSPS Area 15A Mid Herts Country Show: 23rd July

(Posted 7th April 2017)

HOYS Hack, Cobs, Maxi Cobs & Riding Horses:
Conf: was Mrs G Maywood          now Mrs X Barker-Wilde

Ashbourne Show: 19th August

(Posted 8th March 2017)

HOYS Ridden & Small Hunters:
Ride: was Mr A Fradley         now Miss J Graham
Conf: was Miss J Graham     now Miss N Maynard

(Posted 8th May 2017)

HOYS Working Hunters:
Conf: was Mr D Machin        now Mrs P Miller