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In-Hand Membership

All In-Hand Exhibitors (Owners) are required to become Members of the Association; the cost is £30 for In-Hand Only Membership, or an additional £15 for current Full Members of the Association.

For those leading In-Hand horses, they require In-Hand Handler Membership at £10.00, if they are not the registered Owner.

The In-Hand Membership includes the registration of an unlimited number of In-Hand Horses and only applies to Broodmares and Youngstock.

For a list of BSHA In-Hand classes, please use the link below:

  List of BSHA In-Hand Classes

For further information on matters In-Hand please contact Sarah Carey on:

 01773 550816                   

or the BSHA office on:

 01462 437770

Royal Mile In-Hand Champion Stage Music, owned by Miss V Russell-Wood, shown by Geoff Grace, receiving the trophy from sponsor, Julia Topham-Barnes
The Martin Wood In-Hand Champion 2018: Mrs C Dagless' Reveille