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BSHA Day Ticket Application

  • Please allow 10 working days for processing of Day Ticket Applications
  • NEW Reduce your application to 2 working days by adding 'Fast Track' (+ £20)
  • Non-Members may purchase up to a maximum of 2 Day Tickets per season.
  • A Day Ticket will allow entry into all Affiliated classes with the exception of RIHS and HOYS qualifying classes.
  • A copy of the animal’s passport is required, showing the: Passport No.; Microchip No.; Name; DOB and Breeding
  • Each ticket covers Horse, Owner and Rider for the day.
  • Horses entered using a ‘Day Ticket’ DO NOT require a JMB Height Certificate until applying for Full Registration.
  • Fields marked * are required

Full Membership Discount

If you, as a new competitor to the BSHA, purchase 2 Day Tickets in a season and subsequently apply for Full Membership in the same year, we will deduct £10 (In-Hand & Rider only)/ £20(Horse & Rider) from the Membership Fee (this does NOT apply to previous or existing Members)

Day Ticket 1
Day Ticket 2
Horse & Rider Detail

Please upload a copy of the Horse’s passport, using the field below, showing the Horse’s name, passport number, microchip number, ownership details, breeding and the outline diagram description.

IF you do not have an electronic copy (pdf, jpg, word doc, etc), please send a copy - not the original - of your passport to us quoting this number: 06102022085229(1) - without this number, we will not be able to match your passport against this registration

NOTE Please wait for each document to fully upload before selecting the next...

 Upload will start as soon as you select your passport copy
 Upload will start as soon as you select your second passport copy
 Upload will start as soon as you select your third passport copy
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NOTE: By submitting this form, you acknowledge and confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to abide to THE ANTI-DOPE TESTING CODE available to read/download HERE