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BSHA AGM & Luncheon 2019

This year the British Show Horse Association’s Annual AGM will be held at The Deanwater Hotel, Wilmslow Rd, Stockport SK7 1RJ, on Sunday 3rd November 2019; the hotel is  a short distance from all main transport links including Manchester Airport, The M60 and the West Coast Main Train Line.

The AGM will took place in the Lakeside Suite at 11:00am, with registration, including tea/coffee, from 10:30am.

Following the AGM, the HOYS and Nupafeed Amateur Points Awards will take place, followed by the BSHA Luncheon.

President’s AGM Report 2018

Good morning everyone and welcome to the AGM.

It is marvellous to see an event like this supported by it’s Members, as all too often it is these events where Members don’t bother to attend, as it’s deemed as not that important but then complain that certain issues have not been dealt with or raised for discussion!

I feel that it has been a very productive and progressive year for the Association.

Yet again we have had a wonderful year of showing with successes for so many, and yes disappointments for a few, but that is sport for you!  Our two main shows of the season namely the Royal International and Horse of The Year Show, both impeccably run as always, produced some wonderful Champions and brought some new faces to the fore, which is so encouraging and good for the sport.

We have a wonderful dedicated committee who have worked tirelessly on your behalf to keep the house in order and provide backup support for events run throughout the year.

The Hunter & National Championship Shows, as well as the regional Spring Shows, Judges Conference and Judges Assessment Day were all a great success. The Judges Conference was particularly well supported and so beneficial to all that attended and was amazingly presented by David Ingle and supported by Charles Wilkerson. These events don’t just happen on their own, so I wish to thank all concerned for their valuable time and dedication in organising and making these so enjoyable and beneficial to all the Members.

Sadly, the numbers forward in the classes at a lot of the shows this season have been very disappointing, and a real cause for concern. I appreciate that there are a number of contributory factors to this scenario but, unless we support these shows we will lose them!  So much time, effort and money goes into getting a horse to a show, and to then have a hollow victory because there were only one, two or three in the class is a great disappointment. After all, we go to compete and if there is no competition, what is the point?

Unfortunately, the miss use of social media has put a blight on showing once again this season, which I feel is so detrimental to the sport. By all means enjoy sharing your thoughts and successes with your friends, but please don’t use it as a platform to ridicule Judges, Show Secretaries, and fellow competitors, it’s totally unacceptable and uncalled for.

Fortunately, at the completion of yet another year, the Association is in a very healthy financial position.

We will be welcoming a number of new members on to the Board, whom we hope will bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm. However, on a sadder note, we will be losing our Chairman, Ian Darcy, who has come to the end of his term of office, as well as one of our Board Members, Jo Jenkins, who has decided to retire, having served on the Board since 2003.

How do we even begin to thank you Ian for your time and dedication you have given to the Committee and the Association as a whole, your leadership and guidance has been invaluable over the years, again very much appreciated.

On behalf of the Association, I wish to say a huge thank you to both of you.

In closing I would like to extend Seasons Greeting to you all, here’s to a wonderful 2019, with great success to all our Members in the coming show season.

To those going hunting, have a wonderful season and please be safe.

Thank you.

Tim Wiggett
BSHA President

Chairman’s AGM Report 2018

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to the Associations 2018 AGM and a big thank you to all that have taken the time to attend; I Promise you this is a very short speech!

Sadly, once again showing has said goodbye to some of its most respected and well-known supporters:

John Dunlop not only famous for racing but also for the many wins in showing. Capt. Alwyn Varley one of our most well-known Judges and a true gentleman, Alwyn along with his wife Anne could be seen judging regularly at the County Shows.

John Marsh, who over the years produced show horses to the highest standard, always perfectly turned out. In his later years he could be seen spectating at all the major shows.

They will remain in our thoughts and memories.

The Association is still very much financially on a sound footing, thank you Lilly. We will continue to use those funds carefully to ensure the future of showing by investing in the governance, Training, Teaching, Dope Testing, adding value for the membership.

The Associations shows have all been a great success once again this year, and the National Championship Show was certainly no exception, with entries on a level with 2017. I would like to thank all those who worked so hard to make this happen; and yes for those who didn’t witness it, it was the Chairman serving tea and coffee in the hospitality marquee.

The Royal International and Horse of the Year Show were another huge success and our thanks go to them both.

Well done to all our winners and our Supremes, Diamonds are Forever III at the RIHS and Time to Reflect at HOYS.

Thank you, to all who visited the BSHA stand at HOYS, we had a lot of interest and hopefully we will attract some new Members.

This year we held a Confirmation Training Workshop at Jason and Helen Newbold’s yard nr Milton Keynes; I understand that it was a great success and many thanks to Jason and Helen for generously hosting this event for us.

A huge thanks to our Sponsors, Judges, Stewards and the vast amount of people that give up their time to volunteer, so we can continue to enjoy showing.

We are a society that listens to its Members; this year we have been extremely active dope testing, something that was raised at last years AGM.

This year we are losing Mrs. Jenkins from the Board, as she is perusing other

Interests; I would like to wish her all the best and thank her for her many years of hard work on the Board.

So now I find myself at the end of my five years as Chairman, it has passed extremely quickly and on the whole been a pleasure. I wish whoever maybe the next Chairman good luck and would like to thank the present Board for all the support they have given me.

I am sure that showing will continue to face many challenges, increasing costs and legislation. I am confident that BSHA are in a very strong position to meet those challenges.

My only disappointment is that former President, Mr. David Tatlow and myself, worked so hard in our attempt to bring the BSHA and SHB(GB) closer together. Working towards consolidation of the two societies to create a less complicated and less expensive offer to the Members, but we didn’t manage to achieve our goal; perhaps one day it might be possible who knows what the future holds.

I hope that Members will continue to share with me their concerns and ideas openly, as I can assure you, I hope to be around for a bit longer yet.

Thank you.

Ian Darcy
BSHA Chairman

Angela Lance, winner of the HOYS Maxi Cob Championship, receives the trophy from the President
BSHA President presents the HOYS Hack Champion, Sarah Carey with her trophy
Oliver Hood & Annabel Jenks, receive the HOYS Champion Riding Horse Trophy

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Out-going Chairman receives a token of "Thanks" for serving as BSHA Chairman for five years.
Jo Jenkings retires from the Board after serving the Members for fifteen consecutive years

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Treasurer's Report: BSHA AGM - Accounts 31st December 2017

  Good morning.

  I will be reporting on the financial statements for the year ended 31st December 2017 that can be found at the back of the AGM Booklet.

  2017 saw another successful year for the Association with an overall surplus of £61k, only a marginal decrease of £2k on the prior year. In 2016 we      
  reported a fantastic year, generating income of £280k. During 2017 there has been a slight reduction to £268k. This is mainly due to lower memberships 
  and the knock on effect on registration fees. Despite the decrease in income of 4% the gross surplus only decreased by 2% due to the reduction
  required in HOYS and RIHS donations from 2016 to 2017 of £14k to 6k; Charles and the team have consistently controlled the expenditure which is
  reflected in the comparable figures over the recent years.

  The balance sheet is comparable to the prior year. Cash at bank stood at a very healthy £505k, rising from £460k in 2016. The Board is currently looking
  into options to re-invest the cash to improve and promote the services offered by the Association. The Board would welcome suggestions in writing from
  its members regarding areas of improvement that would benefit from a cash injection.

I am pleased yet again to be able to present such healthy accounts to you all here today and special thanks must go to all at the office for all their hard work. However most importantly I would like to thank all our members and sponsors of the Association who without them this would not be possible and who’s continued support is critical to the Association’s future.

Lilli Twitchett - Treasurer

                                         Members enjoying Lunch after the 2018 AGM

Election of Officers 2018:

The results of the 2018 Election of Officers is as follows:

  • Danielle Heath - Elected
  • David Ingle - Elected
  • Lucy Killingbeck
  • Sue Phillips - Elected
  • Wendy Phipps
  • Mr Julian Quiney - Elected


The official photographers for the BSHA AGM & Awards are Equinational Photography

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Voting Procedure and Joining the Board

The procedure for voting for BSHA Election of Officers:  

Every year a certain number of Board Members are due to retire and may, or may not, offer themselves for re-election. Details of those Board Members due to retire can be found on Page 1 of your Rule Book; all Members are able to stand for Election. 

The Board is very keen that the Members take an enthusiastic and active interest in the running of the Association and it welcomes those Members, who can bring some time, energy and perhaps skills, i.e. legal, business or industry knowledge, to the Board.  

Nomination Papers will be sent out to all Members as laid out in the Mem & Arts (usually August); these will state those Board Members who are due to retire and if they intend to put themselves forward for re-election. 

If you intend to stand for election, your nomination would require two other Members to support the application. 

All Nominees, including retiring Board Members, are required to submit a statement, of no more than 100 words, setting out the reasons why Members should vote for them. 

These statements will accompany the Ballot Paper, sent out to Members; this will be at least 21 days prior to the AGM.

The Board encourages all Members to consider standing but particularly if you possess a key skill that you feel could be of value to the Association.