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Chairman’s AGM Report 2017

Mr President, Ladies and Gentlemen
Welcome to the Associations 2017 AGM and thank you all for coming; the AGM signifies for me the end of another showing season.

This year, is extremely poignant, as we say goodbye to some great friends of the BSHA; lets reflect on happy times together and how much they gave to the world of showing.

Roger Stack; whatever you were faced with, I guarantee if you were with Roger you would end up laughing.

Sue Webb; Southern Vice-Chair of the BSHA, working so hard to make showing better for all, so selfless in everything she did.

Valerie Millwood; gave so much of her time to everyone, a brilliant ambassador for showing.

Joan Lewis; one of our most renowned Judges, who was still doing what she loved until the end.

All sadly missed and will remain in our thoughts and memories.

We have now heard from the Treasurer and I am sure you don’t need me to repeat what good financial shape the Association is in.

The Association has put on some great shows and events over the season culminating with the two Championship Shows at Addington Manor; I thank everyone involved for making these a success.

I would also like to thank Hickstead and Grandstand Media for all their hard work in making their amazing shows even better year on year; well done to all the winners and finalists. What a year it’s been for the Hood Family, Supreme and Reserve at both shows, with Annabel Jenks, Diamonds are Forever and Lady Caroline Tyrell’s, Our Cashel Blue.

This year for the first time the Association had a stand at the Horse of the Year Show and we were delighted in the interest from non-members; next year we will be looking for volunteer members who would like to be involved.

We are all fully aware of the challenges we all face for the future of showing, Health & Safety, Social Media, Employment Law and environmental factors to name but a few. One thing we are all faced with is the rising costs associated with keeping horses. We are about to see the introduction of charges on diesel vehicles, something that will be rolled out in all major towns and cities, resulting in older, more polluting engines being forced from our roads, in the battle to fight air pollution.

Thankfully a lot of costs are absorbed by the people who volunteer, such as Judges, Stewards and Show Organizers, who so often become the victims of abuse on social media; little wonder it is getting more and more difficult to recruit volunteers. THIS HAS TO STOP!

The BSHA is working very hard to keep costs down and will continue to work with other Associations & Societies to do so. We will strive to keep reinvesting in new technology that will help us maintain our reputation for being a well-run and extremely lean Association and of course we must not forget the Board Members, who are also volunteers and give so much time to the Association.

We have not made any increases in our fees for six years and have no plans to do so in the near future, in fact we are looking at areas to make possible reductions, the Board will be looking at this in the coming months.

This year the Dope Testing Officer, Mr John Keen, has been busy going round the shows and samples have been taken from a number of horses, all of which were negative.Nick Thompson has also been attending re-measurements with the JMB with great success and will inform you of improvements and initiatives to come.

Before I hand over to Nick, I would finally like to wish our new President, Mr Tim Wiggett, good luck with his appointment and to thank the retiring President, who can add to his many accolades, the reining Showing Council/Showing World Outstanding Achievement Award holder, Mr. David Tatlow.

It has been a great pleasure to have his knowledge and experience at hand whenever I needed it. David certainly speaks his mind and seldom takes prisoners. Over the past three years we have had some difficult decisions to make and without David’s input, it would have been so much harder. Ladies and Gentlemen today I am losing a great President but I will always have a true friend, David Tatlow.

Thank you.


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Voting Procedure and Joining the Board

The procedure for voting for BSHA Election of Officers:  

Every year a certain number of Board Members are due to retire and may, or may not, offer themselves for re-election. Details of those Board Members due to retire can be found on Page 1 of your Rule Book; all Members are able to stand for Election. 

The Board is very keen that the Members take an enthusiastic and active interest in the running of the Association and it welcomes those Members, who can bring some time, energy and perhaps skills, i.e. legal, business or industry knowledge, to the Board.  

Nomination Papers will be sent out to all Members as laid out in the Mem & Arts (usually August); these will state those Board Members who are due to retire and if they intend to put themselves forward for re-election. 

If you intend to stand for election, your nomination would require two other Members to support the application. 

All Nominees, including retiring Board Members, are required to submit a statement, of no more than 100 words, setting out the reasons why Members should vote for them. 

These statements will accompany the Ballot Paper, sent out to Members; this will be at least 21 days prior to the AGM.

The Board encourages all Members to consider standing but particularly if you possess a key skill that you feel could be of value to the Association.