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For Royal International Horse Show & HOYS Qualifiers

For all our members, a quick reference guide - subject to change so do check the show dates list.



Upcoming Shows

  • BSHA Southern Spring Show

     17 April 2021 for 1 Day(s)

    Closes: 14/04/2021

  • BSHA Northern Spring Show * New Date*

     18 April 2021 for 2 Day(s)

    Closes: 24/3/21

  • Wiltshire Spring Show - * NEW DATE *

     24 April 2021 for 2 Day(s)

    Closes: 05/03/2021

  • BSPS 1A North East Counties

     24 April 2021 for 1 Day(s)

    Closes: 18/04/2021

  • BSPS Area 5 Three Shires Spring Show

     25 April 2021 for 1 Day(s)

    Closes: 21/4/21 & Late entries

  • BSPS Area 1B Lake District Show

     1 May 2021 for 1 Day(s)

    Closes: 28/04/2021

  • Southern Area Show

     1 May 2021 for 1 Day(s)

    Closes: 25/04/21

  • UK Ponies and Horses Spring Classic * New Date

     2 May 2021 for 1 Day(s)

    Closes: 30/4/2021

  • BSPS Area 2A Cheshire Premier Spring

     2 May 2021 for 1 Day(s)

    Closes: 23/4 Postal 30/4 Online

  • BSPS Area 16 Spring Festival Show

     8 May 2021 for 1 Day(s)

    Closes: 01/05/2021

  • BSPS Area 7 Show

     8 May 2021 for 1 Day(s)

    Closes: 1/5/21



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