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 31 May 2022

“All equines should present with no evidence of whiskers or sensory hairs having been trimmed or removed (other than for veterinary purposes in which case you must provide written proof from your Vet; this proof must be available at Show if requested by a Show Official).  Sensory hairs are the hard hairs located on the horse's muzzle and around the eyes, also known as 'whiskers' that are used for sensation.  The Society may take actions against anyone who is in breach of any of our regulations”.

The BSHA asked Amanda Stoddart-West of the Great Yorkshire Show some questions on how the whisker ruling would be handled at the show:

In the event that the exhibit is found not to be in breach of the rule, and for instance has subsequently missed its class, then a refund for the entry fee and stabling would be applicable under these circumstances but only in relation to that particular exhibit. Our Appeals process (Regulation 43) would also be available to the exhibitor.

THE BRITISH SHOW HORSE ASSOCIATION is the governing body for the Showing of Hacks, Riding Horses, Cobs, Maxi Cobs, Hunters, Ladies Show Horse, Working Show Horse and breeding classes. We are the home of the Professional, Amateur and Home Produced competitor with equine shows throughout the country, at all levels, holding BSHA Affiliated classes with something for everyone. For those wishing to dip their toe into showing with their horse for the first time with the BSHA, the new Rising Star qualifiers welcomes newcomers to showing culminating with their own Finals at the National Championship Show in September


WE will promote the breeding the showing of all Equines that are true to type and fit for their purpose with particular emphasis on the Hack, Cob, Riding Horse and Hunter. WE will do this by encouraging learning across all our membership through the on-going training of our judges, the dissemination of knowledge and information to our members and by promoting breeding to type. WE will put on our own shows and encourage other shows to be run in accordance with our rules to ensure that there is a consistent application of our governance rules and a transparent method of judging. WE will encourage mutual respect amongst all our membership and bring back the enjoyment of showing. WE will support every member to achieve their own goals and celebrate their success. WE will uphold strong values on the welfare and well-being of all equines. Equine obesity will be actively discouraged and we will take action against those using prohibited substances or undertaking other abuses. WE will not tolerate abuse of our members or judges through social media or other means and will remove membership from those who do. WE will maintain, progress and strengthen our procedures to provide a robust governance system. WE will promote our sport to new members and encourage a broader understanding of the unique heritage of our equine types and breeds.


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